1. M

    If anynone owns HP Pavilion 15-p077TX,Please post some pics

    I was looking to get HP Pavilion 15-p077TX,if any one owns it please post some pics and a brief review.
  2. ajayritik

    Anybody from Hyderabad who has PS3

    Is there anyone out there in Hyderabad who owns a PS3? Was looking for some Games.
  3. M

    Car audio video set up guidance required!

    Hi guys I wish to gift my cousin car audio video entertainment system who owns an 2002 model of scorpio.I know he owns a decent speaker and amplifier system in car, and he is planning to get video display in car.Please help me get one in budget of 15k. Thanks.
  4. P

    How is Philips DSP65E 5.1 speakers

    Guys how is the audio quality of Philips DSP65E 5.1 speakers I ordered it for Rupees 2190. Is it worth? anyone owns this model if yes reviews please.
  5. V

    Dell XPS 15 or HP DV6-6165TX

    BTW if anybody gets to know abt lenovo dealer in delhi that sell Y570 (sadly stopped as said but flipkart says stock coming) featuring I7 and overclocked GT550M (N12P-GT1) @ 2GB GDDR5, plz inform...... HP DV6-6165TX- I7 2670QM, ATI Radeon HD 6770M (30-40% faster than GT 540M), HP cool sense...
  6. A

    what do u think about this monitor plz suggest

    hi guys i came across asus ML238H looks good what do u ppl think abt it do comment and is here any1 who owns this monitor and is it a worth buy im going 2 use it for gaming
  7. C

    How to know about particular land/property?

    Well is it possible to know that who owns a particular land and how he owns it? I mean did he buy it or got as a gift and stuff like that.. Possible? Urgent. Thankyou.
  8. Pearl Groupz

    Google owns 4,867 sites

    google owns 4,867 sites :D i searched the http://whois.domaintools.com/google.com for a whois query and what a surprise "Google Inc." owns about 9,109 other domains dns-admin@google.com is associated with about 4,867 domains wow
  9. T

    Which company's cell tower?

    Is it possible to know the company which owns a particular cell tower? There doesn't seem to be any different in them
  10. vish786

    flash light in w610i

    isnt their any flashlight/Light option in w610i like we hav in w810i. ? Edited: is their no one who owns w610i ?
  11. emailaatif786

    Who Owns this Website?

    How can I know that who owns the following Website? http://www.yasir.com/ From which Country is this Registered? Who is its Admininstrator? At what Registrar is it registered?
  12. anandk

    Is It OK that Google Owns Us?

    "Make no mistake, Google owns you. The ways in which it owns you are laid out in a complaint filed by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) and other privacy groups with the Federal Trade Commission over Google's proposed merger with targeted advertising company DoubleClick. Here's the...
  13. S

    can adsense owner be known through pub id

    ok we have one pub id inserted in one our site ...(donot know how..we are inquring) and dont know whose can we know by any means who owns that pubid or adsense account or in which other site that pub id is used... any idea or way?
  14. tiblu

    P2 Or P3

    hey guys my friend owns a 433 mhz pc is it a p2 or p3, he was having 10 GB HDD but it crash down, now he wants to install a new one will it support 40 gb or should i go with 20 bg bcoz i can get 10 gb.
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