1. Tarun Singh

    Best Book for Object Oriented Programming in C++ ?

    If you have experience in Object Oriented Programming in C++,please tell me the best book for the subject ? My college recommends these two : 1) Object Oriented Programming with C++ 6th Edition by E. Balagurusamy 2) Object Oriented Programming in C++ 4 Edition by Robert Lafore I want...
  2. lovedonator

    Is starting a Gaming oriented Cyber Cafe a good idea?

    I'm looking to start-up a business and it has to be something tech related because that's the only field where I'll be able to work passionately. The best thought I have right now is starting a Gaming cafe. I'm from Rewa,Madhya Pradesh. For those who don't know it's a no metropolis but still a...
  3. gdebojyoti

    Object oriented programming mindset

    Hello. I am college student. I had Java in my last semester. Thing is that I have previously programmed only in the procedural/ structural way (using C and PHP). And I just don't get that mindset of programming in the object oriented way. Whenever I try to solve a problem, I tend to...
  4. Desmond

    Quest for Scares - Horror games discussion

    Hi, This thread is dedicated to all horror games. Ones which either satisfy your darkest fantasies or chill your bones. My personal favourites are Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Doom, etc. Though these are more action oriented than actual survival-horror (american sensibility of horror), the...
  5. axes2t2

    Job oriented courses - BSc Computer Science

    I have completed my Bsc Computer Science so would like to know what are the best or appropriate job oriented courses that I should go for??
  6. A

    Who knows Wii?

    First let me confess I am a nube when it comes to Gaming. I was considering buying a Wii. What is the availability of game titles like (vs other consoles) -- especially for family oriented games? Anything I should consider before buying this vs an XBOX or PSP? Will really appreciate...
  7. veddotcom

    Needed Source Code of OOP by Balagurusamy 4e

    I need the source code of Object Oriented Programming by Balagurusamy of 4rth Editing, Anyone can tell me from where i can get that? Thank You
  8. [xubz]

    Good GUI and Database Oriented C# Book

    Hey Guys! I do know some C#, But most of the books I read just have insane amount of Object Oriented and Generics stuff. Can you guys suggest some book(s) which only deals with GUI (Custom Controls, etc) and Database Oriented (i.e. Correctly using ADO.NET/ODBC/MySQL)? Thanks! Edit: Books...
  9. Ishan

    C and C++

    The main difference in C and C++ is of Object Oriented Programming. Now what is this.?
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