1. V

    Non-touch phone for ma dad (NOT QWERTY)

    Kindly suggest me a non touch(Number pad) phone for my dad.. Following are the only 3 constraints: 1. must run whatsapp 2. good battery backup 3. NOT QWERTY Budget: Rs. 3k-10k PS: Ordering within 2 days or tomorrow if satisfied(i know there aren't many options to begin with)
  2. T


    Recently pondered upon a site called yummybay.com its an online food ordering site.. check it out and lemme know about the site
  3. ComputerUser

    Can't unistall VB2005

    Can't uninstall VB2005 While uninstalling VB 2005 Express Editon, it shows the following error : "Setup is unable to determine a valid ordering for the installation.See the error log for further details." Help!
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