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  1. Tejo

    Fully format or clean install in a Windows 8 preinstalled laptop.

    I have Samsung NP550P5C, which came with windows 8 pre-installed and I also updated it to Windows 8.1 I want to freshly install Windows 8.1 again. When I googled, I have seen some info like the product key is already embedded in the bios and it automatically recognises the key when we install...
  2. ramakanta

    Moving Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional

    my friend have a Windows 7 Ultimate installed( pirate version)in his lapee .he bought a Windows 7 Professional CD. There is a lot of software installed on the computer which he don't want to re-install. Is there a way to back-up the system and restore the whole thing, including all the...
  3. V

    Windows 8: An operating system not found

    System, after BIOS screen bootup shows the following message: An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drivers that don't contain an operating system. System configuration: Current operating system : Windows 8 RAM 8GB CPU Intel i5 Motherboard : Gigabte B75M-D3H (UEFI DualBios)...
  4. ariftwister

    Why Linux OS is prefered by Developers ?

    So What are the advantages of using Linux from a developer point of view and What drawbacks of using Windows for Android development ?
  5. 2

    dual boot windows and linux on lenovo y500

    Its been a year and i have been loving my lenovo y500. Now i have to install ubuntu on it but when i searched the interent with "installing ubuntu in lenovo y500",i saw a lot of users complaining and the installation methods were also quite complex. Its necessary for me to use linux so i...
  6. N

    In which digit issue was backtrack included?

    Please tell me which in digit DVD was backtrack included? Latest one should be preferred. Very important.... Please reply as soon as possible.
  7. A

    Can virus affect outside virtual machine?

    When I connect pendrive to the pc, it connect in virtual machine if open, but my question is that if pd connected first of all origional os,then virtual machine,within that short time span could virus enter in origional os? I'm using widows 7 outside and windows xp in virual os.
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