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  1. RBX

    OOo Draw : ER Diagrams

    I need some additional functionality in Draw so that I can show multivalued attributes (Hobbies is multivalued attribute in this picture : http://www.juniata.edu/faculty/rhodes/dbms/images/eratts.png) and total participation of entities (shown using double line). I am new with OOo so couldn't...
  2. S

    Best Linux for slightly old system of a non-tech person

    Hi all, My uncle has a reasonably old system (1.4GHz P4 CPU with 768MB RAM, 80+40GB HDD). He is a non-technical person and is currently using XP Pro. He frequently gets virus problems... So, I am suggesting to him to install Linux side-by-side and try it out... He has agreed to check it...
  3. H

    OMG: UseNeXt Download Record: 674mb in 66secs!!

    http://www.usenext.com/index.cfm?TD=393696 Don't forget to watch the video! Amazing., simply awesome. :o:o:o PS: Sorry if old news., I saw iit now.
  4. tuxfan

    Some useful OpenOffice.org links

    Here are some OpenOffice.org (OOo) links that I found. :) Feel free to enrich the list with more links ;) Installation Articles http://www.openoffice.org/servlets/Search?resultsPerPage=40&query=installation&Button=Go Setup Guides...
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