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  1. sksksksk

    Premium WebTemplates Query

    Well.. I am thinking of building websites at domestic level... using paid templates available on net. Will the paid templates provide database along with the layout?? o.O or I need to design the database according to the attributes??
  2. RCuber

    ^D^ O.o :| >_<

    I want all of them :D Source
  3. ~Lil JinX~

    A cell phone for an overactive student? Help!

    I am pretty confused here. Well, not really, I'd love to have picked something out of the Nokia N-series or something, but thats just not about to happen >_< I'm about to get into college soon, so I think its high time I put my ancient Nokia 2610(I think thats what it is O.o) to rest :P...
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