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  1. SydneyA90

    Which E-Retailer is Reliable and Efficient ?

    Which E-Retailer Website is reliable for ASUS products..? I have considered two options - TheITDepot and RP Tech India.....
  2. ©mß

    Custom Duty related query.

    I will be ordering a yoyo from a store in Japan. The total price is $17.99. So, do I have to pay custom duty and if yes how much? I checked in a site under Toys category it was around Rs250. Is it right? If not correct me. Second, as the total is $17.99 and if I pay through debit card will...
  3. harrypotter

    Upgrading PC for gaming - Budget 60,000 - 80,000.

    Hello! My name is Samuel, i am from Chennai. Planning to Upgrade my existing system. I bought a high end specs rig for professional 3D modelling, animation and Video Editing/FX works in Jan 2011. The specs are as follows. Intel i7-950 3.06Ghz Procesor. Intel WX58BP Motherboard...
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