1. B

    Going to buy Onida LEO40FSAIN is it a good choice..?

    hi i am planning to buy Onida LEO40FSAIN Onida LEO40FSAIN/LEO40FAIN 101 cm Full HD Smart: Amazon.in: Electronics it costs rs 36990. is it a good choice? is there any other brand i can buy for around 38000 rs. please reply as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance.. 1. Budget? 35000 to...
  2. J

    Which one to by Sony 32 HMS LED TV or ONIDA LEO32AFIN LED TV?

    I just had gone through both Sony 32 LED Tv and ONIDA 32LEO AFIN LED TV. Both looks good but some of the features of ONIDA are more attrative like in SONY suppeorts only MP4 type songs (It works but songs stops in between). Morover ONIDA provide comfortable remote with keyboard and supports...
  3. MegaMind

    Onida LED TV. Any idea?

    Hello fellow members of TDF, my brother is planning on a 32" LED/LCD TV. Budget ~30K He got a quote of 30.5K for Onida LEO32NMSF100L(LED) from Next showroom. Anyone came across onida LEDs?
  4. kool

    is anybody have ONIDA tv?

    Guys. i'm planning to buy ONIDA 21" TV in ACE or CARBON. at Rs.8300 bcoz it has USB port that can play multimedia contents from pen drive, and it has better sound than samsung. Current diwali offer: 30 month warranty Free scratch card (any prize, min. 1 bag) Reliance DTH STB Guys, i want ur...
  5. Tech.Masti

    ONIDA Mobiles ..... any idea??

    ONIDA just advertised in local newspaper about their mobiles, and those are fully Made in India. looks good, even one handset claiming that it can give 28 days battery backup in one charge !!!! List of models here got some models price here any one used it??
  6. soumya

    I bought an Onida 1.5 Ton Split AC. Did I make a mistake?

    Hey Guys, I purchased a Ondia 1.5 ton split AC cause it had the best specifications in the 1.5 ton range. Since Onida is not a favourite among many users here, Did I make a mistake? Here is the link of my ac. See and say for urself...
  7. N

    how to connect pc to tv

    i want to connect my pc to my tv, i have onida tv, pls tell me how can i do it and how much will it cost me , i do not want to spend too much amount.
  8. navneeth_snr

    Onida Music system for sale

    Hi All, I have a old Onida Music System for sale. That time I gave Rs.21000/- Specification: remote control Audio CD Deck 400 Volts very good speakers FM, AM, Clockset. Well maintained and in good condition. I am ready to sell anywhere between Rs.5000 - 6000. If anybody from...
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