1. A

    Need Advice for choosing best In the below Waterproof cameras

    Hi, I have shortlisted some water proof camera models I can spend upto 30k rupees i want the best , Plz suggest if u have any other models(upcoming, to be released) also Note:- i have uploaded a image , and have some doubt regarding the features Should the following be less or more...
  2. K

    Olympus VR-330

    Hi, has anyone purchased the Olympus VR-330 here? Are you satisfied?? Actually I am planning to buy one. Plz also tell me the current price if anyone has got the info..
  3. socrates

    Olympus chief sacked

    Olympus chief sacked | News | TechRadar UK :shock: Olympus chief sacking - update | News | TechRadar UK
  4. P

    Help For Digital Camera ( Full List Included ) ??

    Hello friends, Need help to choose a Digital camera. Budget - Max of 13000/14000 (With 1/2 GB MemoryCards + Charger + Pouch) Requirement - Min 6 to 8 Megapixel Optical zoom - 3 to 6 X Good Battery backup Good service support & after sales in India. Can Record Video also, with TV out...
  5. gangadhar

    God of War Chains of Olympus DEMO (USA)

  6. A

    How good is this - Olympus FE-120 7.1 MP 3X optical zoom @ 5125Rs?

    Hi, I wish to upgrade from my old 2MP Kodak digicam bought 5 years ago with something decent. I've just seen this: Olympus FE-120 7.1 MP 3X optical zoom @ 5125Rs http://shopping.sify.com/shopping/product_detail.php?pid=13172464&prodid=14210546&vsv=SMFLASH03 can anyone throw some light how...
  7. iMav


    ne1 tried the beta of phpbb3 codenamed olympus???? ..... i love it .... it is much better than phpbb2
  8. ramprasad

    Problem with Zeus - Master of Olympus

    Hi all.. I am not sure whether this is the apt place for the topic. Mods, if this is not the right place then do move it to the correct place. I have installed Zeus - Master of Olympus in Win XP with SP2. I am not able to run the game. I dont get any specific error messages.. I also...
  9. B

    Digicam at below 10k

    hey, here are the price list i got from local dealers(trivandrum) canon 310 -8.5k canon a400 - 11k canon 510 -15.5k! nikon 4100 - 13k kodak 7220 - 6k olympus 370 - 10k! can anyone at ernakulam/cochin please post here the prices of these cameras at ekm..
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