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  1. theserpent

    London Olympics 2012

    As you'll know Olympics have already began.Its being held in London. And India's start is disappointing. Olympics 2012: India finishes last in archery rankings round - Sport - DNA
  2. K

    olympics in 3D

    Is watching the Olympics in 3D a good Idea?
  3. maddy1205

    India book ticket to London Olympics

    Not a good day in cricket...but our hockey team has given us something to cheer for!!!....thrashed France 8-1:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D SO we have to wait and watch to see how India performs against teams like Australia Germany and Argentina in the London Olympics!!!!! India book ticket to London...
  4. G

    Why we can’t we beg more medals in the Olympics.

    Why can’t we bag more medals in the Olympics. According to an article by Ashis Roy in a local daily, we Indians fail to rise in the medal tally because we Indians are the most physically unfit people in the world. We tend to use the car rather then to walk. The rich have servants and the poor...
  5. R

    Invitation to Beijing Olympics, 2008

    Who says only an athlete can compete in the Olympics? Now battle out for the Gold Medal at Beijing Olympics 2008, right on your desktop. R u audacious enough to win the battlefield? Hit at...
  6. A

    Watch Beijing Olympics 2008 free Live Streaming

    Try following links http://olympic.chinaassistor.com http://youtube.com http://watch-olympics.livesportsnet.net http://www.freakncool.com http://www.tv-on-net.net If you know any link please share...
  7. nix

    slipshod india cuts sorry figure in olympics..

    source-http://www.ptinews.com/pti%5Cptisite.nsf/0/207BF9C359AA758A6525749F005509DA?OpenDocument Amlan Chakraborty Beijing, Aug 8 (PTI) A slipshod India cut a sorry figure in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony with the female members of the contingent making it a veritable go-as-you-like with...
  8. Baker

    oympics football broadcast in india

    hi guys any one knows which channel is going to broadcast olympics football in india
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