1. SaiyanGoku

    Scotland Yard getting smarter?

    Source and detailed article: Scotland Yard grabs a criminal's iPhone and keeps swiping to prevent screen lock and access data – Tech
  2. Desmond

    Maharashtra govt. warns babus to communicate only in Marathi or face charges.

    One question I ask myself at least once everyday is "Why are there so many retards around?" Source: Department heads issued stricter warnings on Marathi use: Kadam - The Times of India
  3. V

    1962 -The India china WAR revisited!

    To day the politicians are celebrating(remembering) the sacrifices of 4000 Indians soldiers and officers perished in the ice coffins of Himalayas...For 50 years they constantly refused to acknowledged the wanton life lost and Heroic sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. “I remember many a time...
  4. ancientrites

    chatrapathy shivaji international airport

    all of you heard it rite.To be honest this airport sucks and above all look at those custom officers waiting like hunters when the prey is coming nearer. Now my question is,is it necessasary that we should have custom officers at (arrival terminal)international airport.i feel pity most of us...
  5. S

    commandos3:stuck in berlin

    hi guys how do i cross the 3rd mission where u have to kill the traitor??i tried using a officers uniform on the spy. but some soldiers like the gestapo soldiers and othere officers can see through the disguise.,so what do i do?? plz help
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