1. H

    [Want to Buy] core 2 quad

    hiii my friend want to buy/upgrade his processor from dual core to core2quad so please notify me any deal regarding this.
  2. F

    Want to buy a tv tuner card [HELP]

    Hey I just bought my new pc but I miss my tv. So, I want to buy a internal tv tuner card which can record live tv. Please notify me about max. supported resolution & also good quality:|
  3. R

    Help for Choosing LCD

    I am willing to Buy a LCD for My Bedroom. I need the LCD to be used as TV (with TV-Tuner) as well as with my PC. The viewing distance will be about 8-10 Feet. Please notify the perfect size & make of LCD as well as Tv-Tuner. The picture quality should be good.
  4. S

    WIndows Update

    Greetings.I am using original Windows Xp sp 2 . My AUTOMATIC UPDATE settings has been set to " Notify me but Don't automatically download or install them " ,When I got the first update as " Windows validation tool " I cancel the update then and checked the box " don't notify me about this...
  5. nileshgr

    pidgin doesn't notify me on orkut scraps :?

    I think you all might be knowing that orkut can notify on new scraps via Google Talk when they arrive. I had this feature working sometime ago on my pidgin,, but now, pidgin doesn't notify me on scraps.... Is there any special plugin for this or Google has disabled notification of orkut scraps...
  6. A

    Please help me

    Can anybody please tell me an ultimate solution for RSS. I want a solution which can: 1. save my feed details on the web, so that I can access from anywhere. like 2. notify everytime new feed arrives. 3. be managed easily. 4. save old feeds. like opera. Please..
  7. anandk

    Get Ready For The automatic IE 7 push ...

    Microsoft announced that, sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, IE 7 will be "pushed" onto any Windows computer that has Automatic Updates enabled. Unlike most auto-updates, though, Microsoft does intend to notify its customers and request their explicit approval prior to installing IE7...
  8. rakeshishere

    UPS Monitoring s/w

    Is there any software which will enable me to show how much time is left over for the backup current of my ups to my computer...It should immediately notify me that power now is coming through my UPS and tell me the amount of time to shutdown my pc???
  9. D

    notify me about some free............

    notify me about some free............ wap sites free download sites for cellphones
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