1. S

    Buying an ebook reader under 8000/- PLEASE HELP! URGENT!

    Hi guys/girls, I am looking for an ebook reader under the budget of 7000 rupees. I found a link for a Nook Glowlight online on ebay: Nook Glowlight BNRV500 Barnes Noble Ereader 6" Kindle Paperwhite Alternative | eBay Since I wanted an ebook reader with a light and a long battery life, is...
  2. srkmish

    Nook hd+ or Kindle fire hd 8.9

    Both of these are now available at cheap rates. Kindle fire hd comes to around 16.5 k after citibank 10% off on amazon and Nook hd+ is available at around 13k on ebay after discounts. I am concerned about the ASS part. Since Amazon has global warranty, i should be safe with it. However, the...
  3. B

    Need an SD card for my Nook Tablet.

    I don't know much about microSD cards, except that a higher class gives more speed. This is what the tablet guide says: Your NOOK works with three types of SD Memory Cards: a microSD card, a microSDHC card, and a microSDXC card. Your NOOK supports cards with the following specifications...
  4. B

    Bought a NOOK HD+ ebook reader

    Hi, I just got a new NOOK HD+ tablet. My brother in law bought it in the US. It cost rs. 10740. It has a 9 inch display, full HD, and 32 gb onboard memory. BARNES & NOBLE | NOOK HD+ Tablet - All New I'd like to know which pen I can use with it.
  5. B

    Kindle or Nook HD+?

    My brother is going to the US and Dubai. I need a tablet mainly for reading ebooks, but also for internet browsing. Has anyone here used the Kindle or Nook tablets? And where will it be cheaper - US or Dubai?
  6. mayoorite

    Confused between Kindle paperwhite vs B&N Nook Glowlight

    Confused between Kindle paperwhite vs B&N Nook Glowlight Hi! I need an eBook reader for reading engineering books,Novels,newspapers,sometimes comics.My budget is Rs 11,000.I searched the web but was really confused between these two 1)Kindle Paperwhite 2) B&N Nook Glowlight. Kindle...
  7. @

    [For Sale] B&N Nook Color

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: B&N Nook Color. Expected Price: Rs 8,000/-, open to negotiations. If you are getting cheaper than this, please buy from there itself. Time of Purchase: Feb - 2011 approx. Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0...
  8. D

    Tablet/E-Reader for reading Books

    Hi, I want to buy a tablet or E-Reader where I can read my e-books (pdf files). I am really confused whether to go for a tablet or a dedicated E-Reader like kindle or nook. My main requirement is to be able to read any pdf files natively and easily. I want to read my engineering textbooks...
  9. A

    Buying B&N Nook color

    Hello! I want to buy nook color but whenever i enter postal details on B&N website, i get the foll error "In compliance with shipping regulations, some item(s) in your order cannot be sent to Chandigarh in India. Please provide another address below or edit your shopping bag to remove the...
  10. @

    My Nook Color

    [ Copy pasted from my blog ] I wanted to buy an iPhone 4 but ended up buying NOOKColor [Thanks to Apple India]. My requirements were reading ebooks and internet surfing along with loaded OS device, hence I decided to get NOOK Color and I believe, I made the best decision. And it is a sweet...
  11. vamsi_krishna


    I get this message every time the computer boots up. It gives me two options Yes or No. If i press Y, the computer restarts. If I press N computer will boot into windows. I've searched every nook to disable this option. but failed. Any body knows how to heal?
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