1. R

    need for speed ug2 hints

    hey guys can you plz give me th cheats and hints or te carear mode and i also require a trainer......i downloaded a trainer but the thing is tht it aint working ......i want a trainer that supports the version nfsug2 which comes in the cd there any way to download the update of nfsug2
  2. P


    Is NFS MOSTWANTED is a new game after NFSUG2? Is it available in india?
  3. rockthegod

    Regarding NFSUG2 Soundtracks...

    nebody kno the procedure of importing tracks (soundtracks) into NFSUG2 replacing the default ones ???? (compared 2 the songs in old NFSUG, the tracks in UG2 suck !!!) ... it was easy with UG1 ...but with UG 2 thr seems 2 be no fast n easy tweaking tools available...if nebody knows..plzzzzz post...
  4. L

    Help!! NFSUG2 server not connecting to Lobby

    Help!! NFSUG2 appears erratic, I am some times able to create the server and connect to the lobby so that we can play a lan game, however most of the time the server gets created...the other players can see my server but the server DOES NOT connect to the lobby... what do I do? The network has...
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