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  1. vishnov

    WiFi Connection with Reliance Netconnect+ broadband dongle..[know nothing, complete noob]

    Hi guys..i need some of your help! I own a reliance netconnect+ broadband dongle (Huawei EC150). What can i do (or what do i need to buy) to create a WiFi zone in my home to connect few smartphones and a laptop? I live in 900sq.ft. 3bhk a flat. I need sufficient signal strength in all rooms. I...
  2. ariftwister

    How to connect automatically in reliance netconnect

    Hi guys, I'm using reliance netconnect to download overnight.(unlimited at night only). So my problem is sometimes it disconnects automatically. So I manually have to re-connect. Is there any workaround for this to. Make it connect automatically after disconnection? Is there any mod version of...
  3. Jaskanwar Singh

    relaince netconnect 3g : connect failed

    i got a reliance netconnect 3g yesterday. today the connect button showed up in software. but whenever i press connect, it says connect failed. signal strength - 19. apn - rcomnet dial number - *99# also some 40'H,ME ERROR comes up. then connect failed.
  4. wwwescape

    Exchange MTS Mblaze dongle for Reliance Netconnect dongle?

    Hi, I was using an MTS Mblaze dongle for a while when I heard the new that MTS has pulled out of Goa. I had no idea that we could exchange the dongle for a Reliance Netconnect dongle until I visited a PC hardware store the other day and saw an MTS flyer. Upon inquiry I was told that I would...
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Reliance Netconnect

    What will be the speed of the reliance Netconnect Prepaid plan of rupees 801 ... please tell me the Speed of the plans and also tell me any other good plans with a speed of minimum speed of 512 kbps ... at the cost around 800 per month
  6. Abhishekrocked

    How is HP Mini 110 ?

    Need for netsurfing and sometimes music and movies... Can i install xp in it ? As i will be using reliance netconnect...
  7. Abhishekrocked

    Buying a Netbook under 16-17k

    Need it for web browsing running flash player... And movies. Win xp will do... As i am having reliance netconnect... Need usb ports... Can order from indian websitds.
  8. D

    Using reliance netconnect on Tablet/smartphones - has this worked.

    Landed up on this page which explains as to how Reliance netconnect etc USB dongles can be used to connect to Android Tablets. Know How to Connect USB Modem To Android Tablet has anybody had sucess with this ? Can this be used on smartphones too ? Cheers,
  9. Kev.Ved

    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Speed

    What is the consistent & maximum speed that you get on Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ USB dongle? Do mention your city if not updated in mini profile & do you get a full signal strength?
  10. iinfi

    share reliance data card connection among many devices

    G'day I have purchased a reliance netconnect + connection (reliance data card) for my laptop. Now I have an office laptop and "two mobiles with WiFi capability". How can I share the internet connection among all my devices. 1. Using a cross cable and sharing the net connection between the...
  11. nisargshah95

    Installing WINE offline

    I have a Reliance Netconnect+ data card which I use on my Server 2k8. I also have an Ubuntu 11.04 on which I intend to use it. I sought help on Ubuntu forums but no avail. Can anyone direct me to installing WINE on Ubuntu so that I can run Netconnect on it. Thanks in advance.
  12. C

    Sharing Reliance Netconnect on a LAN n/w

    Guys i want to share my internet provided by reliance netconnect on the LAN to multiple PCs for a workshop in our collage, we will be using a switch to create a LAN among 6 laptops mostly working on windows 7. i tried internet sharing the reliance nettconnect but nothing moves at all. i tried...
  13. B

    AIRTEL Netconnect broadband

    AIRTEL Netconnect broadband is service provider.200kbps download speed of AIRTEL broadband connection.
  14. T

    Reliance Netconnect broadband

    reliance netconnect modem price slashed to 1800/- in Bangalore. They offfer 15% discount for corporate customers.. some details are here.. Reliance BroadBand And you can buy from here http://www.netnlap.com/cms.php?id_cms=6
  15. T

    RIL Netconnect Broadband blocking rapidshare?

    Hi guys, can you please confirm if rapidshare has been blocked by Reliance Netconnect? I cannot access it since last night. Is it possible for the ISP to block access to certain web sites for any individual customer account?
  16. phuchungbhutia


    Can anyone review and help me choose from these three. I know the Photon speed is really bad here and Netconnect is little better but no good, i havent seen bsnl 3g. I want to know which would give me better value for money and good connectivity. I also need to know what is the download limit...
  17. R

    Reliance Netconnect Modem Ec325

    hello, after disconnecting my reliance connection,i no longer have need for my reliance netconnect ec325 modem.Although its worth much more im ready to sell it(along with the installation cd) for a price of 1.5k(negotiable).here r sum pics http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/1404/01032009134.jpg...
  18. latino_ansari

    FS : Reliance netconnect modem EC325(Approval)

    FS : Reliance netconnect modem EC325 I want to sell my reliance netconnect modem EC325... I have bill, box and all its accessories. Anybody interested can message me... Around 15 months old Expected price : 1.5k ( negotiable) Location : Bangalore Reason : Got a broadband connection.
  19. T

    reliance usb netconnect on ubuntu 8.04??

    how do i configure reliance usb netconnect on ubuntu 8.04?? when in terminal i type wvdialconf then the usb modem is not detected. anyone who has successfully done this pls help me.
  20. R

    Plz suggest: connecting multiple machines

    I have a BB connection with static IP. Is there any way by which i can connect multiple machines to it and share the netconnect ??? Please suggest guyz :confused:
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