net neutrality

  1. strawhatsai

    net neutrality

    So recently there is a vote coming up in the usa about whether to repeal net neutrality or not. I was checking out a few videos about the said topic on yt and when i checked the comments i found a lot of arguments against net neutrality. Does anyone think net neutrality is bad?especially in India
  2. D

    MTS Mblaze keeps redirecting me to ""

    How can I stop MTS Mblaze redirecting me to "" every time I connect to a website? The only exceptions I've found to the rule are Google, DuckDuckGo, and the MTS India website. I've tried changing my DNS. No matter what I do, it works well for a couple minutes, only to start...
  3. swatkats

    Flipkart Just Ruined The Basic Net Neutrality Principle By Joining Airtel Zero Platform

    Source: * ------------------------------------------ What Is Airtel Zero? Airtel Zero is a new platform offered by Airtel, wherein the end users will pay nothing to access some specific websites, gaming portals and ecommerce...
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