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  1. club_pranay


    what should i do?? law suit?? in june this year i got the legel version of Norton Antivirus2004 pro, i was too happy with it. but in november i went for this sify broadband.(that must've been a bad day). everything was fine as it was stated in the ad "Antivirus Worth Rs 845 free with every...
  2. S


    Hi, I have got my system stuck with Trojan Horse DIALER.11.Y in the system file EGCOMSERVICE_1051.dll , which is not quarentined by AVG 6.0 & NAV2004. Does any one have a solution to this problem?
  3. G

    Zone Alarm 5 with NAV2004

    I few months back, I was suing NAV2002, I installed Zone alarm 4 on my PC , & they were incompatible, because of which NAV 2002 was unable to start the email service, or wsomethung like that. I had to reinstall windows, though after some time I found that they were incompatible, Is there...
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