1. sam9s

    sam9s NAS Project! powered by Unraid!!

    Hello friends welcome to Sam's NAS Project Thread. So to begin .... The entire NAS experience would be divided in to three big parts. 1. Introduction and Comparison 2. Quintessential Features of NAS 3. Online Access and Security. @@@@@@@@@@ - PART 1 :: Introduction and Comparison- @@@@@@@@@@...
  2. Rahim

    Need guidance for NAS setup

    I want to have a NAS system at home, which i can access data from laptop and desktop, wifi or ethernet. Please suggest me the required hardware and guide me how it works. I want to download directly to that NAS from both desktop and laptop, so which type of networking do i have to follow...
  3. kanu2k7

    Backup software

    Help out guys!! I need an backup software to run on my MAC and an Windows XP PC which can backup the selected files to a Linksys Buffalo NAS Server. is there any good ones available?????? Thanks! cheers!
  4. B

    Cheapest NAS with Bit Torrent support ?

    Looking for a reliable NAS with BT support for 24*7 operation. I want to have a NAS wired Or wireless with Bit torrent download support Low cost (under 5k) Low Power Usage (under 50w) Compact What i have. 1) I have two Wireless Router (which consist 4 ports each) 2) I have 640 Seagate...
  5. joey_182

    128 graphics processing units and 1024 processor cores

    NASA Creates the World's Highest Resolution Visualization System - 128 LCD screens count for a23 by 10 feet mega display source
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