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  1. Cyberghost

    Murdered: Soul Suspect studio Airtight Games reportedly closes down

    Less than a month after the release of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Airtight Games appears to have closed its doors. The Airtight website remains active but Geekwire reported yesterday that its office has been shut down, and the studio posted a cryptic tweet earlier this afternoon that sounded...
  2. A

    Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Developer - Crystal Dynamics or Eidos Montreal Publisher - Square Enix Platforms - Current-gen Consoles and PC Release Date - 6th June 2014 [India] Release Price - ₹999/- [PC] MORE HERE Square Enix reveals Murdered: Soul Suspect through teaser site, coming to current-gen platforms |...
  3. J

    Murdered - Game discussion

    Saw this trailer of this new game called Murdered. Looks amazing :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qj5pEXZ1hU
  4. aryayush

    Rizwanur Rehman was brutally murdered. Help the poor family get justice!

    He was murdered. He was first assaulted and then ruthlessly pushed in front of an oncoming train. Why? For falling in love and daring to marry a girl, one whose parents were strictly against such a relationship because his social and financial status was much inferior to theirs and because he...
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