1. dippi_taurus

    PMP's for 6K and Above

    Hello guys, I'm planning to buy a PMP for around 6K budget. I can increase it to a couple of thousands. The player should have expandable memory, FM tuner and recorder, should play audio formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG and others. If it also has video playback capabilities then good, but I wouldn't...
  2. bukaida

    My New MBI 6988G dvd Player cannot play MPEG-4

    I bought a moserbaer MBI-6988G recently which claims to read MPEG-4 file. I have a movie file which according to GSpot has the codec information as follows Video codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Audio codec: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC The movie is in a USB drive.The DVD player is not even displaying it...
  3. redhat

    Suggest a good Video convertor

    Friends, i have a collection of videos in .avi format... i wish to convert these files so that i can burn them onto a video-DVD I tried Nero-Recode, etc.. but Nero says that due to patent restrictions, it cannot decode MPEG-4 videos?? I dont understand this... can someone please help me out...
  4. D

    Best Codec For Mobile Videos

    My point is that using avi is useless as the audio quality goes away ! if i use mpeg-4 alongwith aac lc 20-30 kbps the size is less and sound better than avi's-mp3 . however i wanna know 1. is ogg theora (vp30 modified) better than mpeg video codec at same lower bitrate ? 2. how can i...
  5. W

    Reliance's DTH (Blue Magic\ BigTV) to use MPEG4? If it aint a practical joke, it could mean HD will come our way via Relaince and Sun's DTH. According to the BigTV webpage i'ts been...
  6. xbonez

    dvd ripping codec

    i use aoa dvd ripper to rip my dvds. it allows me to select from a no. of codecs incl. divx, xvid, microsoft mpeg-4 video codec v1, microsoft mpeg-4 video codec v2 etc. i rip them to .avi files. which is the best codec to use? i want best quality, fastest ripping time and small file sizes.
  7. official

    Converter for AAC and MPEG-4

    How to convert the mp3 files to aac format and how to make mpeg-4 files
  8. G

    The complete mpeg-4 guide

    Many of us are already familiar with 3gp files & mpeg-4 files, basically they are both same, however, mpeg4 is just a name & the real name of the codec is Mpeg4 Part 2 or H.263, which is made for Low bit rate usage for mobile phones, internet streaming etc, a Highest quality mpeg4 can’t be...
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