1. caje143

    Motorolla / Samsung Bluetooth Problem...

    HI everbody, well i have a Nokia N73.. my brother has Motorolla Razr V3i... my sis-in-law has Samsung E-250.. well the problem is tht i can connect my N73 to my laptop using bluetooth through Nokia PC Suite... well can i connect the same without Nokia PC Suite... coz when i connect my...
  2. caje143

    Which Is The Best Mobile Brand???

    Nokia Sony Ericsson Motorolla Samsung
  3. caje143

    N73 Ir Remote

    Hi everyone... few weeks back i had read a post where we can turn our Mobiles into TV/DVD/VCD player remotes with the help of IR... well is it possible for Nokia N73 ME and also is it possible for Motorolla Razr V3i... if possible where can i get the software.. are there any free softwares...
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