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    Useful online educational Resources/OCW/Courses

    1.Khan Academy KhanAcademy 2.NPTEL NPTEL NPTEL youtube channel 3.Coursera Coursera 4.Udacity Udacity 5.Edx Edx 6.MIT Opencourseware MIT OCW MIT Youtube channel 7.Open Yale Courses Open Yale Course 8.Youtube...
  2. G

    Bose donates his company to MIT

    Dr. Amar Bose, founder of the company that bears his name, has given the majority of the stock of Bose Corporation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The donation is in the form of non-voting shares. MIT will receive annual cash dividends on those shares when dividends are paid...
  3. redhat

    Sci-fi made a reality by MIT

    LONG BEACH (CALIFORNIA): US university researchers have created a portable “sixth sense” device powered by commercial products that can seamlessly channel internet information into daily routines. The device created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists can turn any...
  4. C

    MIT Colleges

    Ok this may sound stupid, damn stupid I know but its for my belly, rather our belly. Anyways I just wanted to know that any one of you ppl is studying in MIT colleges (Design, Food, Tech etc...)in Loni, Pune ??? Anyone? You or any of ur frnd??? If yes, post here please.
  5. trigger

    One more frm MIT...

    Once again a Cool Computer Program named 'Sketch Understanding System and Operation' by MIT students. what the hell is this..? they are real genius... source: It left me speechless.. !!!
  6. CadCrazy

    Get Your Lectures From MIT, For Free!

    The open source movement is fast catching up in the field of education as well. It will not be wrong to name 2008 the year of perpetual freedom! Things will change dramatically in the year 2008. With open source movement starting to get takers in the mainstream, it is poised to change things to...
  7. entrana

    MIT students turn famed Harvard statue into 'Halo' chief

    It goes without saying that in addition to a stellar reputation for academic innovation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is renowned for its geeky pranks. The best-known of these was perhaps the time when students decorated the campus' Great Dome to look like Star Wars robot R2D2 in...
  8. sujithtom

    Notebook that costs Rs 4200 or much less!!!

    I am surprised to see that no one posted abt this yet. Its all over the net, news and newspapers. Digit forum let me down for the first time. Anyways ------------------------------------------------------------ Source: Sadly enough they don't have any plans to release it in India now :cry:
  9. drgrudge

    Free license to use opera!

    A perfectly legal way to get the ads disabled in opera. Opera has a free web browser license sponsored by a German computer magazine. This email after i have registered.... It works with Opera 8 beta and final! How to do: Use c't magazine code: OJD000MN (Orig. price:$39) This...
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