1. H

    390watt UPS(APC) but 620watt power supply

    My brother has a 390watt UPS(APC) 650VA but a HX620W 620 watt power supply.Will it cause any problems. Waiting for suggestions Still waiting.I think people generally neglect such facts about mismatch of PSU wattage delivered at usage by pc and that by the UPS.
  2. a_medico

    .dat to .avi conversion - Audio/video mismatch

    I used many converters. eg. xillisoft video converter I am just not able to convert vcd files .dat to .avi or .mp4 conversion is ok but there is a mismatch between sound and video...quite a few secs. This happens ONLY with .dat vcd files and not with other video files. How do i...
  3. Maverick340

    Joomla + SMF

    Well i am running an forum based on SMF anf wanted to integrate it with Joomla. I downloaded the bridge but there seems to be a mismatch betwwen the mod_smf_registration(SMF registration component) and com_smf(SMF main component). I was having trouble, will be glad if sum1 can help
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