1. bkpeerless

    good mirrorless camera under 30 k

    Hi I am looking for a good mirrorless camera to replace my bulky DSLR d5100. What r my options and which one is the best. I generally use my camera for photography. and occational video. OO And i expect the camera to work well on low light condition.
  2. D

    DSLR or not

    Hi all, I want to buy a new camera, I already have a Canon IXUS 100 IS, but I want a more powerful camera. I have always thought of buying a DSLR, but would always postpone it. Finally I have decided to buy one anyways(was waiting for a good increment in salary but it appears increment is a...
  3. izzikio_rage

    Buying a mirrorless camera

    Hey guys, have been an avid clicker for quite some time and have been wanting to upgrade my camera for a year now. Wanted to go for a mirrorless cam for these reasons 1. awesome pic quality compared to Point and shoots 2. a fraction of the bulk and weight of DSLRs 3. lenses are now...
  4. A

    Advanced P&S or Mirrorless?

    At one time, I almost bought the Panasonic FZ150...but plans got changed due to some other issues. Now, Panasonic FZ150 is out of stock. So, I thought of having a look at various options in the price range (20-25K). I am thinking to go with an advanced P&S camera or a mirrorless one. So...
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