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  1. V

    Scanner Problem

    I want to buy a new Scanner just for scanning some paintings & some photographs.My budget is Rs.5000. Please tell me which should i buy..?? Also tell me how much a Home Level MFD will cost??? Thank U
  2. Dark Star

    *Review Hp All in one 1410 Printer*

    *Review Hp All in one 1410 Printer* Mulifunction devices once again dominated thier own reltives i.e printer,scanner, copier etc. An MFD consist of all the devices mentioned above even some came with bundeled fax as well as with a phone. That's why they are used more than a printer or a...
  3. go4saket

    Which is a better MFD???

    Hi Guys! I want to buy a MFD but am confused as to which is the one I should go for. My budget is Rs.10000/- and I prefer one from HP, although it is not a hard and fast rule. I even checked the review in July 2006 edition of Digit which shows HP 5610 and HP 4355 to be one of the best, but...
  4. blueshift

    Suggestions for MFD

    Suggestions for MFD/Printer/Scanner Is the printer capability of MFD is better than Printer alone? What you suggest..buy a MFD or a Printer and scanner alone? I want the printer to have better print-quality(photo) and the scanner to scan atleast at 300dpi and final o/p dimensions 1280x1024...
  5. harish_21_10

    MFD suggestons

    I wanted to buy an MFD which should have print,fax,scan and copy...suggest me something around 11k or lesser,it should real value for money.
  6. sidewinder

    Buying an entrylevel MFD on friday !Urgent help needed

    Guys I really need ur help this time.I cant figure it out which entry level MFD to buy.Plz help me choosing one.My budget is strictly restricted to Rs.5000.I was eying Canon MP110 but dont know it's price. So any suggestion????? N.B. No HP PSC 1410 plz coz this one has a very thin ink tank and...
  7. sidewinder

    Suggest me a MFD

    Guys plz suggest me a Decent MFD for rs 5k. The main priority is printing at low cost... Thx in advance
  8. ax3

    Scanner ! ! !

    want 2 buy a scanner 4 homeuse, which 1 should i opt for ??? i do have an inkjet printer ... should i sell my printer & go for mfd or buy a separate scanner ??? plz include the cost 4 both (separate scanner & mfd) also ! ! !
  9. sujeet2555

    laser printer or mfd

    i want to buy a printer that can can print color photographs and many ebooks that i have.i need speed and printing cost in a printer.i have heard that laser printer printing is cheaper than a inkjet one.is it true? or mfd are a better option,as i can get a printer,scanner and a copier all...
  10. D

    Printer+Scanner or MFD Query

    So i am gonna buy a Printer+Scanner, should i buy them seperately or buy a MFD(Multi-Function Device)? Choice for MFD: HP PSC 1315,Cost: ~4.5k Choice for Printer: Canon PIXMA iP1000 or HP Deskjet 3745: ~2.5k Choice for Scanner:HP Scanjet 2400 or Canon Lide 20 : ~2.5k Usage:Moderate...
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