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  1. gameranand

    sql 1366 error when merging mybb forums

    Please help somebody Actually this is not my problem but it is problem of one of my friend. I am getting this sql 1366 error when importing users. I am merging from mybb 1.6.6 to mybb 1.6.9. I have database of old forum n merging with the new one i am attaching an snapshot with this...
  2. G

    BFG geforece 6800 128mb agp for sale

    please close Merging threads. please close
  3. Dark Star

    Help Merging Unused HDD space

    How am I suppose to merge this ? Please help me :) Regards
  4. ComputerUser

    Merging SP2 with XP cd

    How can I make a cd which installs XP with SP2 and the latest updates?
  5. tanush_89

    Managing boot

    SO now i've got Linux (Suse and mandriva) Windows Xp (2 copies) and a Windows Vista. The problem is that they all have their own boot screen so if i want to go to Xp i've to go through 3 boot screen. Can anyone help me in merging the three boot scrrens??
  6. P

    problem with norton's partition magic.

    using norton partition magic i merged two drives (one was emptied except the system volume information), it asked for the directory name for moving the files from the merging drive to the folder then it created the folder and merged the drives but now there is the directory with nothing inside...
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