1. Skyh3ck

    Lot of Hindi Movies - Original Disc

    Following Movie collection for Sell Any Movie for Rs 40 + shipping, for any mumbai buyer all collection for Rs 350 /- 1) Goal (English) - Goal! (2005) - IMDb 2) Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham 3) Agneepath (Amitabh Bachchan) 4) Pukar (Anil Kapoor) 5) Guide (Dev Anand) 6) Deewana Mastana (Govinda...
  2. T

    Earthing from cabinet

    I don't know how to write this in english as I've always spoken/heard of it in hindi. "Mera cabinet current maarta hai. " What should I do?
  3. Pearl Groupz

    Karzz Song Created by Me : Seriously but its Funny...Must See to laugh

    This Song Is Created By Pearl Group labz..7 Copyright at Himesh bhai (ooooo) Band...Please Dont Copy the Song Bcoz its orignally Created by pearl bhai : Himesh Song Lines are :
  4. chesss

    killing hanged applications?/

    sometimes some application simply refuse to die. task manager/process explorer can't kill the hanged process either. The process is locked so bad that it doesn't t even allow one to logoff windows..The only option is to hard-reboot. So mera prashn hai.. is there any applicaioon designed to...
  5. Gigacore

    IT Movies....(Funny)

    Future Movies in IT world * Mera hardisk tumhare paas hai * Aao chat kare * Programmer no 1 * Aaj ka body shopper * Programmer,recruiter aur bodyshoper * Badalate platforms * Kahani Keyboard ki * Memory aur hard disk * H1 ko aane do * Mouse ka gulam * Java wale job le jayenge *...
  6. A

    Now it is Solaris LIVE!!!!

    Check this link for Belenix, from mera bhaarat mahan.
  7. V

    yahoo messenger query

    hi there I m using Ym 7,0,0,xxx here my question how can we send IMs in hindi script not like " MERA NAAM V_K HAI" this thing in hindi. Vegeta killer
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