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  1. patkim

    What is Plug Type 'EU' - Corsair PSU

    For Corsair PSU e.g. VS Series VS450 450 Watt Power Supply (EU Plug) and also in its detailed specs say <here >it mentions 'Plug Type' as 'EU' What does that EU actually mean? Can anyone clarify please. Thx.
  2. patkim

    True crypt is shutdown?

    Came across this TrueCrypt Encryption Software Shut Down, May Be Compromised interestingly the site truecrypt.org is no longer available and simply redirects to another page where it mentions that truecrypt may not be safe and recommends users to switch to other encryption tools like windows...
  3. M

    Wd 160gb ide drive(2.5 inch)

    Well this drive was in transcend casing i threw the casing rma the drive got this one Sealed not open...As i already have wd portable Donot have bill but hdd is in indian warranty upto 2013... CHeck pictures for exact date Have priced it accordingly checking price of delta page(3500...
  4. QwertyManiac

    A tiny bash issue

    Can someone tell me why my little script below (To switch the directory via BASH) does nothing on execution? #!/bin/bash cd /home/qwerty/Programs/C #abc.sh Here's my output: (Actually, its NOTHING) qwerty@qwerty-workstation:~$ ./abc.sh qwerty@qwerty-workstation:~$ I got no clue at all...
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