1. T

    Gaming Keyboard with Mechanical keys.

    What would be the cheapest keyboard you recommend without normal membrane keys? I want mechanical. Or will a good gaming membrane keyboard be better than my normal nongaming logitech?
  2. Sarath

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical >5k

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical <5k I have been looking to upgrade from my Arctosa for sometime now. I have been reading up a lot about Mechanical keyboards and am interested in them. Absolutely not interested in upgrading to another membrane KB. Hence would like to know some of...
  3. P

    problem with sony ericsson k550i

    Hello! Accidentaly this new phone got wet, and three buttons don't work anymore. One of this buttons is 5, so the phone is useless, but everything else works normally. Is there any way to fix the problem, i tried to change the keypad membrane but the problem persists. Is it possible to fix...
  4. unni

    Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity

    The common view that nerves transmit impulses through electricity is wrong and they really transmit sound, according to a team of Danish scientists. The Copenhagen University researchers argue that biology and medical textbooks that say nerves relay electrical impulses from the brain to the...
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