1. vedula.k95

    [Want to Buy] A college backpack

    Hey guys as the title says I want an online deal for a college backpack,meanwhile I am saving money for a new smartphone so all I need is a mediocre type backpack around Rs 500. Thank You.
  2. deepak_ds

    Different Assembled PCs

    Can you give me good assembled configurations of a PC for: i) Casual Gaming ii) Mediocre Gaming iii) Hardcore Gaming
  3. L

    [DIGIT TEST CENTRE] Sneak Peek - Acer Liquid

    Hi guys, We recently got our hands on Acer's Liquid, based on Google Android 1.6 (Donut). We'll have a longer review in the relevant section up soon, but for now check out a couple of pics. It's quite a sexy device, with curved edges. The front of the handset is glossy black and the screen...
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