1. ©mß

    How to make laptop as Wi-Fi hotspot?

    I use MTS Mblaze for internet and want to make my Laptop running Windows8 as a wifi hotspot. I have already watched many videos on youtube. ALready tried that CMD method and already tried all softwares(i think). Now help me with the same keeping in mind that I am using MBlaze.
  2. ©mß

    Wi-Fi adapter for Desktop.

    I want a Wi-Fi Adapter for my desktop so that I can use Wi-Fi. I searched and found that wireless adapters are good adapters. Is that so? And I am also thinking of buying this router because I use Mblaze. So in short, I will connect my Mblaze to this router and then use Wi-Fi. My budget...
  3. P

    Solve my problem

    Every night torrent goes down. dont know why. I am getting average 250 kbps. from last 3 days I am getting average 30 kbps. & max 73 kbps . Its happens after 22:30 hrs every night and automatically recover after 11:30 hrs. I thought it was broadband problem So I recharge my mblaze with night...
  4. ©mß

    Mblaze stopped in Haryana.

    Today, I went to Mblaze's website to check plans.There I chose Haryana for circle but it gave a message that Supreme Court has stopped the service in Haryana. I chatted them online and they said the same. This showed at the website MTS India - MTS MBlaze, MTS CDMA India, MTS MBrowse, MTS...
  5. wwwescape

    Using 2 TATA Photon connections on the same machine...

    Hi, I have 2 TATA Photon connections. How can I connect both connections at the same time? I want to be able to combine both the connections to get better speeds. I've tried this with a TATA Photon and MTS MBlaze combination and it works. I just need help setting up the same for 2 TATA Photon...
  6. suvajit

    MTS Mblaze Rs 303 night unlimited speed query

    Hi! I have just bought MTS Mblaze and it is giving good speed upto 2 Mbps. Does anyone have used Rs 303 night unlimited pack? Will the speed remain same.? Is it truely unlimited?
  7. jsjs

    Buying USB dongle for internet connection

    I am looking to buy a usb netconnect which has got good 3g data plans. I have already tried MTS MBLAZE and am looking for a detailed idea on which one to go for. Plz help
  8. D

    help for internet on vmware

    hiii... I need to connect internet over vmware.. im using a laptop, using win7 and the OS on vmware is backtrack3 the internet connection is through mts mblaze so plz tell me is there any way that i can connect both OS over internet...
  9. J

    Does MTS MBlaze work on 64bit Win 7?

    Hello Guys, Recently I am planning to get a Mts Mblaze connection. But I am skeptic about the fact that if it works on 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Have you guys tried the same? Does it work without glitches? And Thanks for helping.
  10. antoniobc

    MTS MBlaze Connect Button doesnt work

    Hi, I use an MTS MBlaze device on my Windows 7 machine. When I connect the device and run the MBlaze software, the s/w doesn't allow me to click on the "CONNECT" button. The Connect button does appear(and is clickable). However on clicking the button, no changes are seen. And yes...
  11. Dreamer

    Port forwarding on MTS MBlaze

    Hi, I have just bought MTS MBlaze in New Delhi as wired broadband was not available in my area. I tried to forward port for torrents as I had done previously for many years in my Airtel connection, but was unable to do so as the default gateway shown is, so there are no advanced...
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