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  1. Superayush

    Bits Dubai vs VIT vs Manipal vs IPU

    I wish to do b.tech in CS and I want to keep other options ready too so pls comment which are my best options. My mains didn't go well miseed cut off by 1 mark 114 Manipal I got 119 Vit I got rank of 9.8k Bitsat ip are later this month P.S. I also heard some DU colleges have started...
  2. theserpent

    Manipal gang-rape - Students join hands to demand arrest of culprits

    But according to my cousin and others,It wasn't a rape, it was a assault and the MEDIA IS changing it http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id=177554
  3. X

    Best colleges for B Pharm?

    Hey guys, I have decided on pursuing pharma as my career but I am not sure which college to opt for. I think I have already secured a good enough score in the Manipal exam for getting in there(Rank ~1400). I have also given exams for NMIMS and MT CET(Maharashtra CET) and, will probably appear...
  4. msn

    Need Guidance - BCA from Sikkim Manipal Distance Education

    Hello All, I am planning to finish off my graduation. I am working in IT field (Tech Support) and now want to complete my BCA. I am working in a BPO as a Tech Support. My question - Is Sikkim Manipal a good university - I will join correspondence in BCA. Sikkim Manipal does not have...
  5. W

    Difficulty level of ISAT, Manipal etc

    Is the difficulty level of ISAT , MANIPAL , SRM , same as AIEEE Please reply soon and with a valid reason
  6. R

    Job after completing MBA in Banking & Finance

    What are the jobs that we can get after completing MBA in Banking and Finance, which Sikkim Manipal University has newly started.
  7. R

    MBA Banking & Finance From Sikkim Manipal

    How is the course of Sikkim Manipal Uni..... MBA Banking & Finance, guys I require your opinion as I am very keen in joining this course. Do Banks accept this degree
  8. P

    Manipal university

    Hey there people I seem to have taken an interest in manipal university and feel joining it would be a good option..Anyway before i proceed any further , i'd like to gather feedback from all u people out there on the university. I'm not looking to know anything about the academics part..I just...
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