1. F

    [Want to Buy] Z1 Bumper Slider Case

    Can Any1 provide me any link or shop in mumbai were i can purchase the Metal Slider Black Case (Not the Lovemei screws one) TVC mall has it but will take like a month to deliver it, and kinda expensive on ebay also i dont use paypal :(
  2. M

    LG World Record Propoosal Flash Mob

    With the kind of brand promotion going on these days, flash mobs are becoming more and more common. After Nokia Lumia's flash mob, there was a Flash Mob Proposal that happened in the same Ambience Mall and now its come to my knowledge that it was organized by LG. What do you make of it?
  3. L

    Different view in Mall and Home for 3D TVs?

    I have been to a nearby mall 2 days back and visited few showrooms and saw demos of a few 3D TVs. Some of the sales guy said that since it was an open light area, the effect was not that good. But should not we expect better view in all conditions? I have been to a nearby mall 2 days back and...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Suicide bombers, gunmen attack central Kabul

    KABUL (Reuters) - Taliban gunmen, some wearing suicide vests, launched a commando-style assault on Kabul on Monday, attacking banks, a shopping mall and Afghan government ministries. There you go again...:evil:
  5. U

    The Haunting Experience in recent Shimla Trip

    In April 2009, one of the weekends happened to be a long one. i had 3 holidays covering friday, saturday and sunday. So family and friends decided to visit Shimla. The plan was an instant one. I took my own car for the trip. In all we were 5 people going for the trip. My parents and my best...
  6. Gigacore

    Creative EP-630 in Bangalore??

    Hi guys! I wanna buy Creative EP-630 here in bangalore. But I'm unable to find it anywhere else! I searched in Forum Mall, Total Mall in Madiwala, Temptation M, Planet M, Music Planet & Global Access. If you guys know somewhere else where I get Creative EP-630, please do suggest me. And...
  7. gaurav_indian

    Man exposes himself at mall

    Man exposes himself at mall mods can delete this thread if they like.But this was on CNN. :shock:
  8. S

    Chennai's first IT mall.

    source- The Singapore-based Shanaya Group of companies will invest about Rs 5 billion (US$110 million) in India in various projects, including Rs 1 billion for setting-up Chennai's first IT Mall. As part of this, the group will...
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