1. J

    DVD to WAV format conversion

    Hi, How to convert DVD to WAV ? Which is the best free software for the same? Whether SQ maintained? Regards,
  2. Nipun

    Joomla Sidebar help

    Hello people! I am trying to learn Joomla, the content management software but I am unable to understand how to make sidebars. Basically I want a sidebar with links to other pages on my website(which are not maintained by Joomla) and other websites. Please guide me how can I do this. :)
  3. NewsBytes

    Acer Aspire PREDATOR ready for prime time gaming

    Acer, the vendor in the global PC market has always maintained a dedicated approach toward research into the many fields of application of the PC, with a view to understanding the latest trends, capturing the expectations of users, forecasting future needs and designing the goods that best meet...
  4. R

    Your price

    What should be the selling price of 91 model maruti 800 car, car in good condition, well maintained.
  5. trigger

    how to restrict downloads

    i share an internet connection thru hub.the connection restricts monthly downloads(1 GB). can somehow downloads can be restricted during browsing? also is there some way thru which records cud be maintained of how much downloading was performed thru a particular pc(particular ip)? thanx in...
  6. arcticflare

    subwoofer near monitor???

    Is it true that the subwoofer must not be placed near the monitor. if so what is the safe range that can be maintained between the two?
  7. H

    Is their any log maintained for Printouts ??

    Hi Friends, I am using a new cartridge for my printer for last 2-3 months. I just want to know is there any log file maintained in computer or by printer so that i can know how many printouts i have taken yet. Or if there is any third party software available, then tell me that, otherwise...
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