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  1. V

    Confusion between first, last & maiden name

    I am confused with what really the maiden name means in the Indian context. A google search shows it is "A woman's family name before she is married." But while filling up forms, we usually fill the details in the maiden name as the first name only. Suppose say my mom's name is X Y(where X is...
  2. Psychosocial

    Rock In India 2009

    Its time! Iron Maiden is visiting India once again on 15th Feb 09 at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. Along with Iron Maiden, there will be 9 other Indian bands out of which Kryptos and Parikrama are the well known ones. Along with 8 hour of non stop live rock fun, there will be a bar, a karaoke...
  3. dreamcatcher

    HTC Dream Leaked!!

    Source HTC in its maiden venture with the Android comes up with the Dream in a bu** ugly package.the Dream is supposed to run Google's maiden Mobile OS, the android.
  4. A

    Iron Maiden and Megadeth-India Tour 2008

    Iron Maiden - 'Somewhere Back In Time' Tour - Live in Mumbai (Bandra Kurla Stadium)- 1st Feb 2008 Source and more info:http://www.gigpad.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=77&topic=15686.0 Megadeth and Machine Head live in Bangalore (Palace Grounds) - 14th March 2008 Source and more...
  5. slugger

    Iron Maiden mp3z required

    i require mp3 filez of Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Rasmus, creed etc can anybody provide them to me burnt on a cd
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