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  1. I

    First DSLR (gift for someone)

    hello, i have had a good experience on this forum. it helped me select canon sx50 hs for myself. so here i am now to get help to select a DSLR as a gift for a friend. he is good at clicking pictures but he has got just a decent PnS. it is a canon sx110 is. he badly wants a DSLR but he does not...
  2. A

    Raindrops on Leafs...

    tried a little macro photography with my camera i took this pic in the morning around 9 am after the rain f/10 1/160 Iso-800 +0.7step exposure bias canon eos 1100d,18-55mm lens was used flash was also used though i dont know its compensation...its not written in exif... Plz...
  3. sunil.001

    Best Zoom camera within 15K

    I want buy a zoom camera within 15K before monsoon. I've zeroed on the following models Nikon Coolpix L820 (for CMOS Sensor, 1cm Macro Mode n 30x Optical zoom but few reviews on net) Canon SX260 (excellent reviews, CMOS sensor) Sony H200 (Good specs on paper but few reviews on internet)...
  4. Shibaprasad

    Canon 18-55 kit lens question

    I am new in Photography. I just purchased Canon 600D with 18-55mm kit lens. I have some problem with my kit lens 1. In daylight macro shots aren't sharp.[settings - aperture 5.6 priority mode] 2. On 45-55mm kit lens performing very bad with indoor photos and videos where light source is cfl...
  5. drsubhadip

    New DSLR to buy

    Dear All, I want to buy a new DSLR . I am using Canon power shoot A3200 IS Reason: Nature Photography, Will visit Kerala Macro Photography, Portrait, Different setting also i want to learn. Basically I am a new learner..learning photograph..just a hobby. Budget around 60 K...
  6. sid25290

    Camera under 25k

    Hello guys My friend wants to purchase a new camera He is a newbie in this field so he want to learn photography Basically he is interested in- Insects photography(macro) And Moon photography He wants to buy a p&s or bridge camera No DSLR please, i know DSLR is better for macro, he will...
  7. M

    Need suggestion for DSLR

    Hi ..I am planning to buy my first DSLR.I have some questions and need suggestions from experience members.. i have 2 options : 1: buy canon 1100d with kit lens,macro and zoom lens 2: buy canon 550d with kit lens only and buy macro and zooms lens later once i have learned slr techniques and...
  8. avichandana20000

    Logitech g110 macro qn

    Logitech g110 macro qn/LED PROBLEM I have created macros in G2,G3,G4. EVENT1: IN G2, keystrokes assigned for opening OVI SUIT.(NEW MACRO 1) after it opens then EVENT 2: I press G3,where KEYSTOKES assigned for opening "connect to internet". (NEW MACRO). After connection gets...
  9. D

    need information about DSLR and macro lenses

    hello :smile: I hv just registered in this forum and this is my first post in here :smile: ... first of all, i'm a newbie in photography and have little experience about the camera and photography details... though i have experiences of using a SLR bt that was years ago(my fathers analog SLR)...
  10. Panchu

    Point & Shoot cam with good macro results for 13-17k

    Hey guys, Im looking forward to buying a good cam with good macro photography options. My budget is 13-17k. Please suggest some brands and models. Can I get a DSLR for that budget?
  11. hjpotter92

    Digital Macro

    I only had one query related to my digicam.... I own Canon IXUS 70 camera, and it has an option named digital macro. What does it do. On selecting it, the focus gets disturbed. What is its use?
  12. A

    Excel VB Macro

    Are there any good books for learning MS Excel Visual Basic Macros ? Specifically covering the macro part for excel ? I know VB but i get confused when it comes to coding macros in excel.:confused:
  13. S

    nodisplay in you tube

    when i start my internet explorer ver 6 youtube is not displaying the video i already have installed macro flash palyer latest version from youtube only what is problem ? does anyone have any idea ? please help
  14. Thor

    How to Use Macro along Batch Conversion in WordXP?

    Hey There! I hv created a macro in Word XP. When a Html document is copied into Word XP , using this macro I can reformat it. What I wud like to do is Using Batch conversion property Word XP convert all the HTML to DOC and use the macro at one go. i.e the macro will format the DOC parallely as...
  15. K

    Outlook Macro Location ?

    I have created a macro in Outlook 2003 to save the Outlook folder contents to a folder in harddisk. Now I want to share this macro with everybody by placing it in my website for download. Can anybody tell me how to export this macro and also how to import this macro in Outlook ?
  16. Charley

    Isnt Firefox fully equiped as IE6

    I was browsing thru some sites and then a pop up asked me to install Java, then another gaming site asked me to install Macro Media Flash . .... Whts going on....... :evil:
  17. sms_solver

    Word/Excel Macro thread

    I have started this thread so that one can put code or links for intresting and useful macros for MS Office product. Here is my contribution -- A word Macro Click Tools > Macro > Macros …, a Macro dialog box will appear. Type ListFonts at new Marco name and click on Create Button. This...
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