1. gxsaurav

    MacOS X : Got it running on PC finally

    Well, after some trial & error & accidental deletation of many downloaded TV Shows, Zeeshan from this forum was able to run MacOS X 10.4.6 on his PC finally. Well....we will be disecting it soon compleately more then we disected Windows after his exams end. This is just the begaining, MacOS X...
  2. aku

    "Apple, we have a problem" - Gentoo MacOS X

    Almost exactly one year after the idea of porting Portage to MacOS X came up - and the joint Metapkg initiative between Fink, Darwinports and Gentoo took off - a 20-head-strong developer team around Pieter van den Abeele (strategic lead) and Daniel Ostrow (operational) is now ready to release an...
  3. G

    MacOS X 10.5 to feature new UI

    Taken from neowin Applegadget is reporting, that the new UI of MacOS X 10.5 leopard is going to be something other then the 5 years old Aqua UI. If itunes 7 for windows/MacOS X gives some highlight, then that is how the new UI is going to be like. The new UI will be called illuminious...
  4. G

    My First K750i theme : MacOS X inspired

    I baught a k750i recently, & didn't liked any of the included theme, they were all of dark shades & on a black color phone, they really don't look that good Walkman theme is different story I found a MacOS X look alike theme on the net, which is white & blue in color, something i liked a...
  5. R

    Have anyone tried MacOS ?

    Have anyone tried MacOS ? How is it .. iam planning to buy a mac
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