1. zacfx05

    lucid virtue..reduce power consumption...?

    hello frnds, will lucid virtue result in lower power consumption when not gaming, how much will it effect fsp whn used in igpu mode. secondly if we are using lv in dgpu will the gpu always work even not gaming...? like a normal mb that dont have lucidvirtue sw after reading other articles i...
  2. NewsBytes

    Lucid Puppy 5.0.1

    Many of us have old systems, which have processor power and memories that are laughable in this day and age. Now imagine using a latest operating system on the same old configuration. Lucid Puppy version 5.0.1 is the answer. Lucid Puppy or LuPu is a very light-weight Linux distro with its...
  3. celldweller1591

    Canonical Pushes Skype Into Ubuntu Repository

    In an interesting move that now makes it easier to use the popular Skype VoIP program on Ubuntu Linux, Canonical's Brian Thomason has uploaded the first Skype package into the Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" repository. Using Skype on Ubuntu is now only a sudo apt-get install skype away from being...
  4. chesss

    Can anybody do Lucid dreams

    IF this is the first time u r hearing of lucid dreams u shld be shocked! be prepared ;) so WTF is a Lucid dream?? Its a dream where u r fully conscious about the dream. The 'dream' feels so real that it is indistinguishable from the real thing. btw I haven't had a lucid dream , but...
  5. paragkalra

    Good Book on Shell Scripting?

    Hi Folks....Can u please suggest some good book on SHELL SCRIPTING! It should have decent amount of explanation in lucid language and with plenty of SHELL SCRIPT examples.....
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