1. Anorion

    Things left out from Indian history textbooks

    Like im going by the supposition that all of history in our textbooks is hack, and it is a simplistic, biased, illogical, and often wrong interpretation of what was going on so to start with, Mahmud Ghazni, who raided the fertile Indian territories for riches and destroyed many temples was...
  2. R

    need a phone under 25k

    the title says it all... i'm probably gonna buy in next two weeks i'm an android lover ios hater.... i would probably root it and flash a ROM after the warranty expires...
  3. S

    question about game?

    I bought a new pc on monday with this forum advice and the config is- P-Core i5 750 Mobo-MSI P55-CD53 RAM-2*2 GB 1333MHZ DDR3 GPU-MSI HD5750 1GB HDD-SEAGATE 1TB 7200.12 MONITOR-BENQ G2220HD SPEAKER-ALTEC LANSING VS2421 PC-CASE-ZEBRONICS ANTIBIOTIC PSU-CORSAIR VX450W I am a big lover of...
  4. H

    Which is a good girly phone?

    i want to gift it to my sis on her birth day. it should be very nice looking, not necessary in pink but having good looks and superb music quality. she is serious music lover. price no matter it will be surprise gift for her so i don't want to ask her for her choice
  5. D


    Hi, I am new to this forum intoducing my new website. This is a gaming website for all then game lover. Pls visi the website. This is the website
  6. S

    Why Ubuntu?

    Yes that is what I wanna know. "Why Ubuntu?" I have heard so much about Ubuntu Linux that I always want to try it but then the saying comes to my mind "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I am currently triple booting with Slackware 10.2, Gentoo 2005.1 and Windows XP Pro with Gentoo as my...
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