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  1. T

    2.1 speakers under 5k

    hi guys, i need 2.1 speakers for music, i am NOT looking for pristine audio quality or bass, just need the best possible balance between loudness and clarity. As loud as possible with as little distortion as possible. Budget is 5000, please help me with your suggestions
  2. T

    earphones under 1500

    Hey guys, I m looking to buy a set of earphones or in-ear headphones, as some call them. Build quality will be an issue as I shall be treating them rough. I would be using them for rock and metal and would like loudness and clarity thanks
  3. F

    purchase advice for budget 2.1 speakers

    i want to buy a 2.1 speaker under rs 2000, or max 2500. i am a bit confused between altec lansing v2621 and zebronics zeb- sw3500rucf speakers. what i want is a good quality of sound not the loudness, so please suggest , if anyone having any idea, you can suggest any other option also if you...
  4. A

    Earphone under 2k

    hi guys. I want a good earphones for my new hTC explorer under 2k. I want good punchy bass and loudness, music clarity. Will use it with power amp.
  5. S

    Speakers for dorm room

    I want to buy speakers for my dorm room. Preferably under a grand, and easy to carry. Prefer quality sound reproduction to loudness. Will buy it online only. Any recommendations?
  6. NikhilVerma

    Video's Loudness Problem

    Here is the situation I downloaded a video sometime ago... It's got 6 channels audio... When I play it in Windows Media Player and turn the volume to maximum I ain't quite satisfied with the loudness... It's on the lower side... Where as if I play the same video in VLC player and set the Audio...
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