1. montsa007

    Motorola Backflip - My Review

    Hi Guys, Swapped my N900 for a motorola backflip (& am not regretting it) Ok i swapped it coz maemo isnt so popular, i mean the app market is limited to handful of apps & morever after meego...maemo will be DEAD! So i decided to switch to android, yeah i like doing R&D with OSes lolz...
  2. krates

    AR rehman in akon beautiful video

    AR rehman in akon beautiful video :lol: i am not understanding the logic behind this... lolz just have a look @ this video *
  3. Faun

    Friggin awesome uphill driving !

    Its a response to the email forwarded to me by Kooly. I almost forgot about this video and now just searched it in bookmarks. Watch it and feel it. * lolz
  4. Faun

    Phil Collins waves goodbye to his money

    Dang who knew he was such a generous ex-husband! Now I want to marry him, just for the divorce settlement!!! lolz Source: *
  5. Faun

    You said it ! ***Bandwidth Warning***

    Translation: Please, don't play with driver's life lolz
  6. desiibond

    Presenting you the biggest n00b on earth!!!

    * LOLZ
  7. Faun

    Don't fly me

    :D:rolleyes: lolz
  8. H

    Deadlock (pic) :P

    Lolz, found this now., so who goes WHERE?! :D
  9. H

    iPhone - will it blend?

    Lolz, the Blendtec guys at it again, old video, but as hilarious as always. * ROFLMAO @ iSmoke :D
  10. infra_red_dude

    Windows Vista "Incapable" Stickers

    While wading thru i came across this piece of artwork: lolz... :D :D :D the page is here: *
  11. G

    MacOS X 10.5 to feature new UI

    Taken from neowin Applegadget is reporting, that the new UI of MacOS X 10.5 leopard is going to be something other then the 5 years old Aqua UI. If itunes 7 for windows/MacOS X gives some highlight, then that is how the new UI is going to be like. The new UI will be called illuminious...
  12. P

    need hardware prices(chennai)

    hi need the prices 4 these ath 64 3000,3200 nvidia chipset mobo 4 these gf fx 5700(which is best to buy ultra,le..brand etc.) i'm a poor gamer....lolz help me out here.
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