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  1. soumo27

    [Query] Steam Game Installation

    I want to download a game via. Steam. And I want to download it in a drive other than my system drive (where Steam is installed, as that drive is almost full). Any way to change the download locations? I couldn't find anything under Steam Settings. Please Help. Thanks. :???:
  2. leo61611616

    Google Map showing locations of 2000 films from 100 years.

    Box Office Quant, a website about film and statistics, has plotted the filming locations of the top 2000 films from the year 1910 to 2010 on a Google Map. View Map
  3. T

    Knowing target locations of installed applications

    Hi friends! Is there any way to know all the target locations of files of the installed applications? Like when a software is installed , where all it writes its files , including the registry. Is there any software or any method to monitor and retrieve ? Thanks in advance.
  4. hard_rock

    What is the cheapest way to send money from US to India??

    Hello fellas, I have to receive 100$ from my friend from US to India. Can you please suggest me easiest, fastest method to do this.. I dont have bank account now..So Demand draft/Pickup locations are preferred... Please give me the links if you have received /done this typr of transactions...
  5. 24online

    Wikimapia - will it be possible ???

    hey guys, wikimapia is gr8 site for seeing diff. locations.... however it has some limitation... but u can locate ur place and can give name.... :) i think GPRS is not availble in India....:( due to low config. in PC , i prefer this site rather than google earth.... My Q : Is it possible to...
  6. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

    Its the smallest tut in this whole section! :D I got this site while searching for something. ;) http://lesliefranke.com/files/reference/firefoxcheatsheet.html This site contains many interesting things related to Firefox, like: Keyboard shortcuts Mouse Shortcuts Some useful...
  7. S

    Laptop substitute in India - indigeneous idea...!!!

    Laptop substitute in India - indigeneous idea...!!! Hi everyone, I always wanted a laptop but still till date it seems there will never ever be a situation where i will purchase one with the configurations i want...(2 GB RAM; atleast 80 GB HDD; etc etc)...as budget for laptop that i...
  8. M

    how much wi-fi cost to us ?

    ok i have heard a lot about wi-fi & hot spot . i want to know whether 1 can use wifi for desktop ? and how much it cost ? i want to know locations where the wi-fi hotspot in our India . any body can plz help me :?:
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