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  1. ashis_lakra

    Northbridge affects GPU ?

    Hi, I was wondering of my unplayable and inconsistent frame rates on my computer. I had a discussion with a member and he said the ICH07 southbridge is limiting the communication from CPU to GPU and vice versa .. Is this true ? shall i go for mobo with ICH10 to increase performance ?
  2. prateek007391

    Bandwidth Limiting

    I have BSNL 512 Kbps unlimited Plans and my Network Map is as follow Router | Switch ------------------- Wifi Router ----- 2 LAPTOP + 2 Phone + PC6 PC1|PC2|PC3|PC4|PC5 It happens to me some time that One of the PC or Laptop uses most of the bandwidth, and it seems impossible to even open...
  3. T

    frame limiting

    i would like to limit the frame rate in doom 3 to 30 fps,although i am getting 60+.does anyone know any software for limiting the framerate to 30.
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