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  1. K

    Shut down closing the lid

    Hi Guys, What are the proper procedures to make the laptop shut down automatically when close the lid of the laptop?
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Need help from HP pavilion G6 series users

    So I recently opened my laptop and cleaned the heat sink. It was clogged with dirt and the laptop was overheating. Everything went fine and the overheating problem was resolved. But now there's a bigger problem. Windows doesn't recognize the closing of lid anymore. Whenever I close the lid my...
  3. K

    Automatic shut down.

    Hi, It relates to LAPTOP AND its Windows7 Home Basic. I want to do the settings for automatic SHUT DOWN, when I close the lid of my LAPTOP. How to do that?
  4. RBX

    Sleeping Laptop

    I have a Dell L502X with Windows 7 Home Premium. My power settings are such that laptop would never go to sleep while on AC, and if I close the lid, only screen is supposed to be turned off. If I close the lid, and keep it that way for about 20 minutes, the only way to regain laptop's...
  5. P

    180 degree lid open laptop

    does anyone know 180 degree lid open laptop ?
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Need help regarding wifi on my netbook

    Hey ppl just got an mtnl wifi router at my house 3 days back .. it works fine with my PC ,netbook and even my ipod but the problem is when im downloading something on my netbook(usually on torrents) and i shut the lid off it stops downloading :?:although when i open the the lid again it resumes...
  7. U

    Some problems with the laptop

    My lappy usually remain idle for a long time but i noticed a problem quite a time back....i.e. if i close the lid of my lappy keeping it on, it becomes dead, screen blackens and no other key functions, nothing happens and i have to power off. Now yesterday it happened without the lid closing, it...
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