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  1. X

    PC upgrade (not a new rig)

    EDIT EDIT i've already updated my rig with the following components in bold Updated Spec: AMD athlon X4 620 M4A785TD-V EVO Transcend 1333 (9-9-24) DDR3 Ram (2x2gb) Corsair value select 1333 DDR3 ram (4x2 gb) Gigabyte HD7770 1GB DDR5 (yet to arrive) 3x 1TB WD Caviar blue...
  2. sukesh1090

    NZXT gaurdian 921RB or Lexa S or something else.

    guys actually i wanted to buy source 210 but as it was not available i am thinking of buying any one of the above mentioned case.please tell me which one to buy.i wanted to go for lexa but i am worried about its door if gets detached or if it gets loose as i have to openit every time to power on...
  3. d6bmg

    V6GT & Lexa S combination confusion

    Will CoolerMaster V6GT fit into NZXT Lexa S case? :unsure: Reason for asking: I'm planning for a temp up-gradation of my case.
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