1. M

    Online Shopping woe - timtara.com

    Hi, I ordered for a Tissot Men's Watch from Timtara.com on 24/12/2011 for Rs. 10,703 INR. Order No: #10154647 Customer Name: Manoj Elangovan I haven't yet received my product and unable to reach them on their Customer care number 033-40166500. I have sent them numerous mails to...
  2. quan chi

    where to learn vodoo magic. does it exist.

    is there anythiong real called vodoo magic.if yes then please help i want to learn it and teach a lesson to a freaking bas**rd.:mad::mad:
  3. soumya

    12 Things I Learned By 42 That I Wish I Knew At 22

    My, how time flies. Seems just like yesterday that I was a 12 year old kid, going for long bike rides in Sherwood Forrest, the subdivision just around the corner from where I lived. Playing with William, Edward, and my little brother, climbing in the tree house, looking forward to Brent coming...
  4. pritish_kul2


    Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced | Running Time: 3 Hours, 1 CDs | Project Files: included 1. Get some Perpsective (26 min) Lesson 1: Focusing on Perspective Lesson 2: Placing & Sizing Images Lesson 3: Depth of Field Lesson 4: Selective Motion Blur Lesson 5: Creating...
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