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  1. S

    Which mobile should I buy K3 Note or Vibe K4 Note?

    I am wandering which mobile I should buy K3 Note or Vibe K4 Note?
  2. R

    Help of choice of Lens....:-?

    Hi, I recently purchased Canon 550D DSLR with 18-55 MK II kit lens. :) I now wish to purchase lens. Am new with photography. My budget's around 30-35K, looking to purchase it in the next two months. I like shooting portrait, some marco maybe and little scenary too. Would like your expert...
  3. Plasma_Snake

    Debug the DDA

    Below the is the program code for DDA line drawing algorithm. It compiles with no error and runs fine on my college computers but at my home it gives "run time error" which is"BGI Error: Graphics not initialized(use 'initgraph')".:( Resolve it please. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h>...
  4. S

    vb stringlength

    hi i want code for vb find string length with out len function. by, saravana.
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