1. topgear

    Hard drive bad sector problem - please help

    While I was working on my pc yesterday it suddenly begin to behave too much sluggishly so I restared my comp but found that it showed disk read error occured - press ctrl+alt+del to restart & I was unable to boot into windows. So I restarted & the same error occured again. So I decided to...
  2. saurabh kakkar

    help me on these problems

    hi every time i log into ubuntu 7.04 i have to mount my FAT32 partions from PLACES->COMPUTERS is there any way so that these partions will mount automatically after ubuntu stars. also is there any download meter for ubnutu cos i have 400mbs per month conne. Code: sudo fdisk -l gives...
  3. L

    48 bit LBA on a Linux distribution?

    I need a quick answer/opinion real fast! i got a 160 gb hdd with a new motherboard and amd 64 athlon 2800. during the windows setup it detected only 131069 mb(~ 131gb) although the bios correctly detects 160gb. i had posted this problem here...
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