1. Plasma_Snake

    Media Coder Compatibility

    In MediaCoder I'm able to convert any file into Xvid using AVI container and LAME MP3 for Audio but if I try to convert any other file or same file into other formats like MP4(Mpeg2 Video LAME MP3 Audio), it always shows error. Video Tutorials are of no help either. Anyplace where whole format...
  2. ComputerUser

    Help me install lame!!!

    I have installed Klite Mega Codec Pack many times but lame is not being installed!! I have seen each option carefully,checked up everything,searched for lame but no lame is to be found!!! Help me!!! It's driving me mad!!!:mad:
  3. webgenius

    Making High Quality Mp3 Files

    The Quintessential Guide To Creating The Highest Quality MP3s On Earth (original document was posted on The Life Cycle Of An MP3 A Metallica CD is inserted into a CD-ROM drive. The ripping software is started from the desktop. (What's ripping software? A ripper is a piece of...
  4. expertno.1

    from where to get mp3 pro encoder ?

    from where to get mp3 pro encoder ? iys best also which is the best mp3 encoding codec is it lame or bladeenc ?
  5. wraj

    dont u think 128 kbps mp3 is passe ???

    hi everybody, dont you guys think that 128 kbps is the matter of past...we must get to higher bit rates if hard disk transfer shouldnt be the lame excuse too coz of the gradual increase in internet really sucks !!!
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