1. Jay1234

    Android quiries

    1 lets say if I m on kitkat kernal and kitkat rom! Then I wanna revert back to jellybean do I need to flash jb kernal first from recovery then rom ? 2 if I flash Custom kernal and rom some hardware issue arrise obviously I need to be on stock rom and stock kernal and locked bootloader! So...
  2. L

    Kernal panic -not syscing :fatal exception

    Hi all, I am tring to install Linux RHEL 4 on my Intel p4 2.66 Mhz 1 gb ram 915 G/P/GV/910 GL processor M/B. (Onboard display & Lan card ) I tryed to install GUI and test mode installtion in both after installtion give me this Error <0> Fatal exception :Panic in 5 seconds Kernal panic -not...
  3. G

    Security Wendors whining : MS is killing our bussiness

    i got this one from neowin & winsupersite, lol can't stop laughing Symantec is already scared, cos with Vista there won't be much need for antivirus & firewall application other then those inbuilt. Windows defender is already quite good, & OneCare is better then Symantec Norton systemworks, &...
  4. D

    Compiling yr own Linux--gentoolinux

    I have heard that there is a distro which allows you to compile yr own kernal according to the required modules(Device drivers) for the specific hardware. As only required modules are compiled tjhe kernal is going to be really fast...I suppose the Linux distro was Gentoo.. Has anyone tried to...
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